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Here you can read the latest news and learn more about our social and research initiatives. These projects help us to identify where and how we can make the most significant impact.

Sameena’s Story: from survivor to ultra running champion

This is an incredible story of someone who went through hell, but never gave up. Through the eyes of Sameena we learn more about the challenges survivors of sexual violence face. Be inspired by her story and her amazing achievements. (trigger warning)

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Protecting women and children in Congo

Although gender-based and sexual violence can happen to anyone, women and children living in conflict and post war areas are at higher risk. Invi and NGO Help a Child work together to make the Invi Bracelet available in an inclusive awareness program.

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invi smell academically researched and works

The unique repellent smell that is used in the Invi Bracelet has a significant effect on reducing sexual arousal, according to new research. This first of its kind study publicated in PLOS ONE suggests that smell can be used as an effective self-defense method in situations or attempts of sexual assault.

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Interview in the Dutch Financial papers 

In this interview with the Invi’s founder, Roel van der Kamp, you can read about how it all started. Roel talks about how the Invi Bracelet was created and how he found out about its disruptive effect firsthand (Dutch Only).


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Check these video’s to see people’s reaction to invi’s foul scent.

People find it often hard to understand how smell can be used for self-defense. We hit the streets to show you how people respond to the Invi scent. In the responses you can see clearly its repellent effects and how it triggers the disgust reaction. We still feel a bit guilty though;) 

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Impact study of the invi bracelet in Rotterdam

Together with independent research partner Risbo and the Municipality of Rotterdam, Invi executed a pilot study to research the social impact of the Invi Bracelet. The study finds that people wearing the Invi Bracelet feel safer and more confident.

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The toolkit ‘dare to share’ helps to start the conversation

Talking about sexual violence is not easy, while sharing is vital for signalling, healing and prosecution. This toolkit is developed to provides guidance for both the narrator and the listener with the aim to create a constructive moment of sharing.

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We invite you to join the strong people, wear the Invi Bracelet, promote our values and support our social initiatives.

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