impactful products

as a result of thorough research

Invi invests part of its sales in social and research initiatives. These projects help us to identify where and how we can make the most significant impact.

invi bracelet pilot study in Rotterdam

Together with independent research partner Risbo and the Municipality of Rotterdam, Invi executed a pilot study to research the social impact of the Invi Bracelet. The study finds that people wearing the Invi Bracelet feel safer and more confident.

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Radio interview at BNR

Invi was invited at BNR news radio to talk about how a foul-smell can deter agressors. In this interview we gave host Meindert Shut a taste of a strong dilution of our terrible smell especially created for nonviolent self-defense. His response at 3:25 just says it all!

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the toolkit: dare to share

Talking about sexual violence is not easy, while sharing is vital for signalling, healing and prosecution. Invi is developing a toolkit to provide guidance for both the narrator and the listener with the aim to create a constructive moment of sharing.

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