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We are here to build a world wherein everyone feels safe to move freely and independently

socially driven

Our Story

in 2014, founder Roel van der Kamp got concerned after reading a study about the prevalence of sexual violence. Through personal stories, which often remain hidden behind the statistics, he and his team learned all too well about the devastating impact it can have on people’s lives. It motivated them to find new ways of protection. Three years of R&D resulted in the world’s first and only self-defense bracelets based on scents.

more than a bracelet

a symbol of strength

Our dream: a world where everyone can move safely and freely. As our brand name consists of the Latin words ‘in’ (inner) and ‘vi’ (strength), we want you to feel strong and empowered to live life on your own terms, fearless and without restrictions. The Invi bracelet is a reflection of our values as we believe in the power of nonviolence and spreading self-confidence.

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Wherever you go, we go

All of our bracelets are designed to provide the ultimate sense of security and independence wherever life takes you. Expand your horizon and embark on new adventures with Invi.

Equality is a necessary foundation for a world free of sexual violence. We invite you to join us in creating a safer and more equitable world for all.



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Increased feeling of safety


Of the people feel safe and more secure when wearing the Invi Bracelet



Bracelets have been donated to people in conflict areas.


responsibly produced

Each bracelet is hand crafted with love and great eye for detail in the Netherlands. We create durable designs, source responsibly and minimize our footprint wherever we can. We guarantee a premium quality product you can enjoy for years.

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social projects

a safer world for all

At Invi, we are committed to uniting men and women globally in the prevention of sexual violence. We strive to make our innovative solutions accessible to all, including people in developing countries, conflict zones and post war regions.

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