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nonviolent self-defense
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Use scents for defense

The Invi Bracelet offers a nonviolent form of self-defense. When activated, the bracelet releases a foul smell to deter aggressors and alert others.

Award winning product  •  Stylish design   Lifetime warranty

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The effect of scent demonstrated

The Invi Bracelet’s gas-like odor provokes a strong disgust reaction. This is an underestimated but very powerful human emotion. This de-escalating technique can help to escape an alarming situation.

  Nonviolent  •  Military graded  •  Prevented multiple assaults

We are building a global culture that rejects sexual violence and promotes equality. 

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Thousands of  'strongpeople'  wear the Invi Bracelet 

This is what they say:

Finally a convenient, beautiful and especially effective solution to make you feel safer on the streets and to make a statement against sexual violence.

Elisa / Age 23

I absolutely love the product! Wearing the Invi Bracelet increases my feeling of safety and gives me more confidence.

Amy / Age 34

This product is exactly what a mother of a teen needs.


Jackie / Age 47

I wear the Invi Bracelet when I go out and when walking alone on the street at night. Knowing I am more resilient makes me feel stronger.

Nini / Age 21

I’m so used to the Invi Bracelet already, it’s like a wristwatch, I’m missing something when it‘s not there and at the same time I’m wearing a protection device. What a great combination!

David / Age 30

I like that fact that it is not a weapon. My friends really liked the idea and were surprised by the stylish design.

Melanie / Age 20

In the beginning, I was afraid to accidentally activate the bracelet, but I just had to get used to it. Now I wear the bracelet daily.

Damla / Age 26

Award winning product

Scientifically researched