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Lifetime Warranty

warranty policy

If the Invi Bracelet has been used for self-defense, we provide registered customers with a new bracelet free of charge!

We may ask for evidence (e.g., a police report) to prevent misuse and to encourage people to file a statement with the relevant authorities.

The bracelet is warranted against defects in material and manufacturing of the housing for 1 year from the date of purchase. The lifespan of the scent is at least 5 years.

Not covered by warranty: the strap, damage or breakage caused by accident or dropping; lack of care; water damage and normal wear and tear.

How to take care of your invi bracelet

Normal use ensures you can wear the Invi Bracelet for years due to its robust design, patented safety release mechanism and use of high quality materials like stainless steel 316L. You can extend the life-span of the bracelet by treating it with gentle care. The bracelet can respond to certain environmental influences. It can oxidize and thus discolor when exposed to humidity, carbon dioxide, the sulphur content of the air or to sweat, perfume, cleaning products, acids or body lotion. For Invi Bracelets with a leather band, avoid direct contact with water and/or detergents to maintain the quality of the leather. Even though the bracelet is shockproof, avoid dropping. Store at a cool and dry place when not wearing.