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To be able to act swiftly in a threatening situation, it is important to visualize the steps of activation.

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In case the Invi Bracelet has been used for self-defense, we provide our registered customers with a new bracelet free of charge!

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We do ask for evidence (e.g. police report) in order to prevent misuse and to encourage people to file a report at relevant organizations.

Not covered by warranty: the band, damage or breakage caused by accident or dropping; lack of care; water damage and normal wear and tear.

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Frequently asked questions

The Invi Bracelet can be activated to release a repellent smell. It contains a capsule which can be broken once in case of emergency.

To unlock the bracelet from ‘safety mode’, press the safety button. Place two fingers at the back of the clasp and bend your wrist slightly inward. The capsule holder must be able to bend over the ‘bulge’ of your wrist. Then break the capsule by gradually applying more and more force with your fingers (also see the video above).

After activation the gas-like smell can be noticed within seconds, lasting up to several hours. The smell works disturbing and repellent. However, reactions differ per person. The smell can reach over 100 meters distance and can help to alert others in the surrounding.

For self-defense only! Use the Invi Bracelet only as a last defense option. Try to get away, scream for help or asses other options to get into safety as quickly as possible. The product is mainly intended for, but not restricted to, self-defense in the case of sexual violence.

Please keep in mind that irresponsible use of the bracelet and the gas-like smell may have serious (financial) consequences (please also see FAQ section “Are there any risks?”). The wearer is responsible for assessing the situation prior to using the bracelet. For example, do not use the Invi Bracelet in a crowded bar if there are other options to ward off a touchy drunk.

Go to a safe place. Remove bracelet from wrist. Remove contaminated clothes and move to fresh air. In case of skin contact: rinse skin with water and soap for at least 15 minutes.

Do not throw the Invi Bracelet away, but preserve in an empty water bottle (with closed tap) or air-sealed plastic bag, as it could be used as evidence.

Always call emergency services after use to inform about the gas-like smell. Please also inform Invi via or +31 (0)26 785 50 92

For waste disposal, please consult your local waste collection point.

Normal use ensures you can wear the Invi Bracelet for years due to its robust design, patented safety release mechanism and use of high quality materials like surgical steel 316L.

You can extend the life-span of the bracelet by treating it with gentle care. The bracelet can respond to certain environmental influences. It can oxidize and thus discolor when exposed to humidity, carbon dioxide, the sulphur content of the air or to sweat, perfume, cleaning products, acids or body lotion.

Dirt from ordinary use can sometimes jam the safety release mechanism. Therefore it is important to press the safety button once a week to see if it opens smoothly.  

A cleaning tissue can be used to wipe off dirt trapped between the inner parts. If this does not help, silicone spray will do the trick. Spray one drop between the moving parts. Now press the safety button and slide both parts over one another. Repeat this a couple of times to to ensure the silicone spray spreads out evenly.

For Invi Bracelets with a leather band, avoid direct contact with water and/or detergents to maintain the quality of the leather. Even though the bracelet is shockproof, avoid dropping. Store at a cool and dry place when not wearing.

Until this date we haven’t had any problems when carrying the Invi Bracelet on an airplane. Dutch Airport Security advised to carry the bracelet in an air-sealed plastic bag, in a shock proof place and only in the check-in luggage compartment.

Since some airliners can follow their own legislation, we do want to emphasize that carrying the Invi Bracelet on an airplane is at your own risk.