invi bracelet reviewed


We asked a couple sports fanatics to take the Invi Bracelet to the test. Here you can read their verdict. 

“I don’t give that much about running gear, but the Invi Bracelet is one of these things I always take with me.”

I am a survivor of sexual violence myself. Unfortunately still today many women feel limitations for enjoying their outdoor sports because of catcalling and harassment. The Invi Bracelet is a beautiful way to increase your resilience. It certainly gives my level of confidence a boost!

Sameena van der Mijden – ultra runner – Dutch champion 100 km

“The Invi Bracelet makes me feel more relaxed.”

In the early morning I like to go running, with the sun rising and the birds singing. As beautiful as it is, I still don’t feel completely relaxed. All alone I sometimes feel unsafe. Nothing has happened to me running, but unfortunately there are many stories of women or men who have been harassed during a run.

Zoë Lefèvere – runner -blogger


“This beautiful piece of self-defense engineering accompanies me on all my runs” 

“I am often alone on my runs and therefore really happy to carry some extra precaution with me! The Invi Bracelet fits well during sports and the materials can endure sweaty conditions and besides, it is just a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear. Since I have it, I have not left the house without it!”

Jolijn – runner – medical doctor

“Finally a legal way to protect yourself against sexual violence.” 

One time while I was running a scooter driver crossed my path. He stopped and I was trapped between him and a wall. He touched me and drove away while laughing. At first I didn’t took the incident too seriously and kept te story to myself. However, the thought that this person could do this to others persuade me to go to the police. 

Japke Janneke – runner – blogger 

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