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I frequently cycle long distances during the evening and I like to run in the dunes. It is a reassuring thought wearing this bracelet.

– Marloes Dijksterhuis

Invi Sport – Midnight | Black

I went on a gap year to travel around the world, and my mother and I felt more safe knowing I would wear a bracelet like this.

– Anna V.

I used my Invi Bracelet at an event where a group fight started.  

Two groups of guys started to fight and suddenly I found myself in the middle of it all. I was pushed and even got a blow. When I released the smell, I and two other boys immediately started vomiting. The stench was incredibly overpowering –  but it worked, because the fight stopped immediately. The boys were distracted and overwelmed by the smell. That gave me enough time to safely return to my colleagues, while the security guards were able to get control of the situation.

– Hanne O.

Besides the safety, the bracelet is also beautifully designed.

– Cawin Nubst

Invi Sport – Pearl | Gold

Good luck with your perfect solution, the Invi is safety for so many people.

– Jamie van Eeden

A few years ago I ordered INVI bracelets for everyone as a Christmas present for my colleagues. In our profession we can find ourselves in uncomfortable situations. My colleagues were immediately very enthusiastic and they also wear the bracelet.

– Simone Winterink

I was running and, as it happens more often, some guy made some remarks about my looks. I didn’t react. He followed me on his scooter, still makes remarks but getting nastier. He then proceeded to drive next to me and pushed me to the ground. I already opened the bracelet when i noticed he was following me and was ready to use it when he pushed me to the ground. But luckily he drove away, so I didn’t have to.

– Yvette van Laar

Thank you for existing. I have more courage now.

– Hester P.

I ‘m verry satisfied with my Invi Bracelet and wear it daily. Especially during my runs.

– Merel H.

I’m often coming home late after a gig by myself. So when I saw this bracelet, I instantly wanted to try it. I’m quickly scared and a little too cautious, but after wearing this I felt immedediately different. Feel safe and enjoy instead of looking out.

– Karlijn de Vries

I have bought about 5 bracelets for my friends and family and I can not thank you enough for how much safer you’ve helped us feel. Thanks to you I feel like I can walk and run and go wherever I want to.

– Fleur Aben

This weekend in was in Zeeland and walked the streets late a night. I have to say that this bracelet made me feel more at ease.   

– Mieke van der Sande

Invi Classic – Sand | Gold

This self-defense bracelet offers a solution to a problem we had yet no solution for.

– Dimitry van Loendersloot

Self-defense expert IKMF

I absolutely love the product! Wearing the Invi Bracelet increases my feeling of safety and gives me more confidence.

– Amy Bremer

I was alone on the train and there was a nasty person comming got too close to me. I ended up not having to use my Invi because luckily a conductor came and the situation changed because of that.

– Marieke van Rensburg

Looks beautiful and gives my friends a feeling of safety! Increases their self confidence, especially at night on the streets on their own.

– Jeroen van Dishoeck

In my view, the Invi Bracelet is a unique solution which fills the protection gap in the currently available methods, protocols and tools for safety and prevention. 

– Hans André de la porte

Security officer WAR Child

So now we finally successfully conducted the scent test – and are now even more impressed by the Invi bracelet.

The conditions were perfect for opening the sample bottle, we did it in a small park where due to the rain nobody else was hanging out. Although the wind was quite strong the smell was very impressive. So good to know what I carry around with me, thank you again for making this possible!

– Pia Djermester

I worked nights in cocktail bars so when I would go home it would be late and I wanted to feel safer and somewhat in control but with a tool that is non violent.

– Elli Galogaza

Invi Sport – Aqua | Silver

It’s an easy to use self defence product that’s always at hand and doesn’t need additional actions to activate in comparison to pepper spray or similar aids.

– Kevin van Passel

I strongly recommend Invi. It’s a strong product and particulary gives women just that little bit extra self-confidence. Besides that it’s a wonderful product to open the conversation about sexual violence, share stories and empower woman. 

– Nora Streep

I bought the bracelet for my daughter who is going to study abroad for a year. unfortunately, the delivery service failed, but Invi handled that excellently! My daughter loves the bracelet and it gives me a better feeling now she goes out into the wide world with extra protection!

– Yvette van Laar

I bought the bracelet for my daughter, who is traveling the world. It is reassuring that she wears the bracelet and I also bought one for myself. I recommend it to all my friends.

– Berry Laggendijk

I strongly recommend Invi. It’s a strong product and particulary gives women just that
little bit extra self-confidence. Besides that it’s a wonderful product to open the conversation about sexual violence, share stories and empower woman.

– Sameena van der Mijden

Invi Classic – Wood | Silver

Best invention ever! The bracelet does not look “strange” and you don’t see that it has a function, while it gives me that immense feeling of security. The customer service is fantastic where you can always go with questions or problems. This bracelet has really become indispensable on my wrist. Thank you Invi.

– Marie Everars

It is an efficient tool and being a former policeman, I fully understand the potential of the Invi Bracelet

– Emidio Muscelli

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