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FOR SELF-DEFENSE ONLY. The use of this substance or device for any purpose other than self-defense may be con­sidered a crime.


The Invi Bracelet contains a breakable capsule filled with a FOUL-SMELLING SUBSTANCE which is released upon activation. After activation, the gas-like smell can be noticed within seconds, lasting up to several hours. The smell works disturbing and repellent. However, reactions differ per person. The smell can reach over 100 meters distance and can help to alarm others in the surrounding. The released dose is not intoxicating, but may cause headaches or dizziness. Breaking the capsule can result in the release of micro droplets and glass fractions. Be careful with eyes. The content may cause irritation of the skin, eyes and/or respiratory tract. The smell can be washed off with water and soap. Prolonged exposure in small spaces of less than 50m3 should be avoided. Extra caution is required when people: (I) have respiratory diseases/COPD (e.g. asthma); (II) are hypersensi­tive (HSP); (III) have skin diseases where the bracelet is worn; or (IV) are highly allergic. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. This product is not intended as a toy and a minimum age of 14 is advised. Do not give the bracelet to others without these instructions. Irresponsible use of the bracelet and the gas-like smell may have serious (financial) consequences including (I) panic reactions of bystanders resulting in injuries; (II) evacuations (aircrafts, buildings or other public areas); (III) loss of income (bars and restaurants); (III) deployment of emergency services; (IV) damage to clothing or other properties, including those of others. DO NOT CARRY IN AIRPLANE CABIN. Carrying the Invi Bracelet on an airplane is at your own risk. In case you do, it is recommended to carry the bracelet in an air-sealed plastic bag, in a shock-proof place and only in the check-in luggage compartment of the airplane.

Return and exchange policy

We aim for the highest standards and we take quality control very seriously. However, please keep in mind that our products are handmade and rarely a manufacturing defect could occur. May this be the case, than we are happy to assist you. Please send an email to with your name and order number and await further instructions.

Whenever you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have the option to return your item(s) and receive a full refund within 30 days after purchase (Only EU & US orders). Any returns must be in the state you received them, unused and in the original packaging. Invi cannot process any returned items without prior notice and approval. Please fill in our Return and Exchange form and send it to before you return your item(s).


We offer insured and free shipping. With insured shipping the buyer has the right to a full refund in cases of missing or stolen parcels.

Customs and duty

Our prices include VAT and we will do our very best to prevent any additional cost for you, but any applicable duties or VAT are the sole responsibility of the buyer.


The wearer is responsible for assessing the situation prior to using the bracelet. Invi cannot be held liable for any da­mages, losses or claims arising from or related to the use of the Invi Bracelet.


Download the invi bracelet manual 2017 (PDF)