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Together with our NGO partners, we raise awareness, promote values of respect and consent, and provide tools for protection in humanitarian settings.

Empowered 2 Protect

the power of two interventions

1 in 3 women worldwide experience sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in their lives. Especially in areas with fragile social structures, as a result of conflict or war, people are often exposed to an increased risk of violence. UN Women identified a “lack of protection” as one of the seven causes that can lead to violence against women.

Together with our NGO partner Help a Child we combine the strengths of two interventions in addressing SGBV in humanitarian settings. The Invi self-defense bracelet is combined with an inclusive community program that focuses on spreading knowledge and awareness on SGBV. By reaching out to girls, but also boys, teachers, parents and community leaders we include all in building a culture where SGBV is rejected and equality is embraced by the local community.

The program is currently ongoing in the region of Kivu, DR Congo.


of women worldwide
have exprienced physical or sexual violence


in conflict settings, this number increases to even 70%

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For only €19 you can donate an Invi self-defense bracelet (NGO version). Each donation bracelet will be distributed in our social programs to help protect the most vulnerable.

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Empowered 2 Protect

results of the program

Behaviour change

  • Gender perspective changed

    More equality in decision making in the household

    More favorable on gender equality.

    Reduction of household conflicts

Increased security

  • Improved confidence

    78% of bracelet wearers indicated improved feelings of safety and confidence.

  • Improved knowledge

    98% of beneficiaries showed increased knowledge of referral services and how to report SGBV.

SGBV Reduction

  • Stopping assaults

    Use of the Invi Bracelet prevented multiple assaults in becoming rapes.

  • No retaliation

    No signs of retaliation were found.

“It was only then that I remembered I had the bracelet.”

– Victoria

Was able to escape from an assault

“I consider myself as someone who can help prevent SGBV by raising awareness in my community.”

– E2P Participant, South Kivu (DRC)

“People are now aware of what they can do to stop the violence”

– Ronsard, E2P Trainer

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