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Currently there are no any other products like the Invi Bracelet, so we can imagine you have some questions. Please find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below. If you have any other questions, please contact us directly.

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about the invi bracelet

The Invi Bracelet is a self-defense product that can be used as a nonviolent way of self-defense. After activating the bracelet a foul-smell is released which repels an attacker and alarms people in the surroundings.

Key characteristics that make the Invi Bracelet unique:

  • strong repellent effect from close by
  • alarms others over a 100 meter distance
  • nonviolent
  • always within hand reach
  • small and stylish Dutch design
  • reliable patented safety mechanism
  • no power source required

The Invi Bracelet can be activated to release a repellent smell. It contains a capsule which can be broken once in case of emergency.

To unlock the bracelet from ‘safety mode’, press the safety button. Put your fingers behind the clasp and break the capsule with a firm pull (see manual).

After activation the gas-like smell can be noticed within seconds, lasting up to several hours. The smell works disturbing and repellent. However, reactions differ per person. The smell can reach over 100 meters distance and can help to alarm others in the surrounding.

The Invi Bracelet is designed for all.

Some people wear the Invi Bracelet to feel safer, more confident and stronger. Others wear the Invi Bracelet to make a statement against sexual violence and break the taboo around the topic.
You can use the Bracelet for everyday wearing, for travel and for sport acivities.

A minimum age of 14 is advised.

For self-defense only! Use the Invi Bracelet only as a last defense option. Try to get away, scream for help or asses other options to get into safety as quickly as possible. The product is mainly intended for, but not restricted to, self-defense in the case of sexual violence.

Please keep in mind that irresponsible use of the bracelet and the gas-like smell may have serious (financial) consequences (please also refer to the section “Are there any risks?”). The wearer is responsible for assessing the situation prior to using the bracelet. For example, do not use the Invi Bracelet in a crowded bar if there are other options to ward off a touchy drunk.

Irresponsible use of the bracelet and the gas-like smell may have serious (financial) consequences including:

  • panic reactions of bystanders resulting in injuries
  • evacuations (aircrafts, buildings or other public areas)
  • loss of income (bars and restaurants)
  • deployment of emergency services
  • damage to clothing or other properties, including those of others.

Although use of the Bracelet is not an aggressive or violent act towards an attacker, be aware that an aggressive response can not be excluded. Please also refer to the section “How does the smell work?” and “Is the smell safe to use?”

One of the major advantages of the Invi Bracelet is that it is always within hand reach.

Nevertheless, we advise to practice using the safety button to ensure quick activation when required. By making yourself acquainted with the first two activation steps (see manual) enables you to respond more adequately in a stressful situations.

It is also advised to regularly check whether the bracelet goes quickly out of safety mode after pressing the safety button (please also refer to the section “What about maintenance?”).

Invi designed a patented safety mechanism making sure the bracelet can not be accidentally activated while in safety mode.

Sometimes the safety button can be triggered accidentally. No worries, also when the bracelet is not in safety mode, quite some force is required to activate it. Just press both sides to put the bracelet in safety mode (see manual).

Go to a safe place. Remove bracelet from wrist. Remove contaminated clothes and move to fresh air. In case of skin contact: rinse skin with water and soap for at least 15 minutes. In case of eye contact: rinse eyes with water for at least 15 minutes, occasionally lifting the upper and lower eyelids. Consult a doctor when symptoms persist. People with respiratory diseases can use their own medication.

Do not throw the Invi Bracelet away, but preserve in an air-sealed plastic bag, as it could be used as evidence.

Always call emergency services after use to inform about the gas-like smell. Please also inform Invi via [email protected]

For waste disposal, please consult your local waste collection point.

The Invi Bracelet is a one-time-use-product and cannot be refilled after use.

In case the Invi Bracelet has been used for self-defense, we provide our customers with a new bracelet free of charge! We do ask for evidence (e.g. police report) in order to prevent misuse and to encourage people to file a report at relevant organizations.

This product should be activated only as a last defense option.

Some people, especially those who are not used wearing bracelets, sometimes experience difficulties opening and closing the clasp. This is because the clasp has to endure heavy forces during activation.

To open/close press the tip of the clasp all the way down (see manual). The more your practice, the easier it gets!

Invi has a one size fits all and the adjustable clasp allows people to switch from S to M (ranging from 15 to 18.5 cm or 5.9 to 7.3 inches)

From our experience, Invi Bracelet fits perfectly on 99% of all wrist sizes and you can always ask for an extra extension piece (free of charge) to enlarge the bracelet.

To measure your wrist size you can use a piece of wire and place it over your wrist. Make a full circle and cut off where both ends meet. Now use a tapeline or straightedge to measure the length of the wire. Well done, you know your size!

Our one size fits all ranges from 15 to 18.5 cm or 5.9 to 7.3 inches and fits both men and women.

Please shoot us an email whenever you have questions regarding your size.

Invi manufactures her products in the Netherlands. Our interpretations of Dutch design: innovative, robust and powerful.

We collaborate with carefully selected suppliers to ensure the highest quality standards.

The Invi Bracelet is made from high quality materials like stainless steel and Italian leather.

These materials make the Invi Bracelet shockproof and highly robust to sustain years of heavy use.

Until this date we haven’t had any problems when carrying the Invi Bracelet on an airplane. Dutch Airport Security advised to carry the bracelet in an air-sealed plastic bag, in a shock proof place and only in the check-in luggage compartment. Since some airliners can follow their own legislation, we do want to emphasize that carrying the Invi Bracelet on an airplane is at your own risk.

The Invi Bracelet is designed for every day wearing and can be labeled as shock proof. It is advised to avoid dropping and to store at a dry and cool place when not wearing.

The bracelet can respond to environmental influences and dirt from ordinary use can sometimes jam the activation mechanism. By regularly practicing the safety button the mechanism can clean itself. A cleaning tissue can be used to wipe off dirt trapped between the inner parts. If this does not help, silicone spray will do the trick. Spray one drop between the moving parts and underneath the safety button. Now press the safety button and slide both parts over one another. Repeat this a couple of times to to ensure the silicone spray spreads out evenly. 

For bracelets with a leather band it is advised to avoid contact with water. Regular leather care products could be used to maintain the quality.

We ship for free in Europe and for €19.00 to the rest of the world. The Invi Bracelet is wrapped in a box which fits through regular mailbox. We process our orders every business day and average shipping times are:

  • 1 to 2 days in the Netherlands
  • 3 to 8 days in Europe
  • 5 to 15 days outside Europe
  • *With the current situation in the world, shipments can be delayed.

In case the Invi Bracelet has been used for self-defense, we provide our customers with a new bracelet free of charge! We do ask for evidence (e.g. police report) in order to prevent misuse and to encourage people to file a report at relevant organizations.

The bracelet is warranted against defects in material and manufacturing of the housing for 1 year from the date of purchase. The lifespan of the smell is at least 3 years.

Not covered by warranty: the band, damage or breakage caused by accident or dropping; lack of care; water damage and normal wear and tear.

about the smell

The smell is best described as an overwhelming and very disqusting gas-like smell. However, as smell is subjective every person will experience it differently.

Here you can see a genuine response of some experiencing a diluted version of the smell. 

The foul-smell in the Invi Bracelet evokes a disgust reaction. This is an underestimated but very powerful human emotion as it serves to warn us for danger. For example, the smell of rotten food ensures that you will not eat something that is potentially dangerous for your health.

Next to evoking a ‘flight’ reaction, the foul smell also has a negative effect on sexual arousal. Invi initiated an academic study where this has been thoroughly researched. You can read about the study here.

The released dose is not toxic. Research (read more here) shows that exposure to the smell has not led to any adverse health effects.

Nevertheless the smell may cause headaches or dizziness, can cause irritation of the skin, eyes and/or respiratory tract. Prolonged exposure to the smell in spaces less than 50m3 should be avoided. Extra caution is required when people:

  • have respiratory diseases/COPD (e.g. asthma)
  • are hypersensitive (HSP)
  • have skin diseases where the bracelet is worn
  • are highly allergic.

Yes. After activation part of the smell will remain in the capsule keeping contact with skin limited. In case of any skin contact, wash it off with water and soap. Clean contaminated clothes by hand wash or hang them outside. The smell evaporates over time.


We know about multiple cases where the Invi Bracelet prevented an attempted rape.  

With the smell you can surprise, demotivate and repel an attacker without using violence. The foul smell evokes a disgust reaction which has a negative effect on sexual arousal. Furthermore, as the smell spreads easily (over 100 meters distance) this can help to alarm others in the surrounding.

Nature provides some powerful examples of the effectiveness of smell as a self-defense mechanism (e.g. the skunk). Also, repellent smells are used by the army for non-violent crowd control purposes.

Every situation is different and as with any other self-defense product, no guarantees can be made.

Here you can see a genuine response of some experiencing a diluted version of the smell of read here about how we researched its effects on humans. 

about invi

Invi dreams of a world free of sexual violence. In this world everyone feels safe and can move independently.

We contribute to this world by creating impactful solutions and by spreading knowledge and awareness.

With the ambition to make these solutions accessible for all, we unite people globally in the prevention of sexual violence.

Invi builds on the Latin words ‘in’ (inner) and ‘vi’ (strength). Strong people are needed who help build a culture that promotes equality and rejects any form of sexual violence. With its products Invi empowers people and makes them feel stronger.

Feel free to contact us anytime at [email protected] of call us at +31 (0)85 13 01 270